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E-Commerce Solutions

Looking for a online or offline shopping solution with the right features and function to meet your specific needs & maximize your sales? You are at the right place. eXsusa provides the following features for eCommerce Services:

  •     Real-time credit authorization
  •     Shopping Cart with Secure Order Form
  •     Product configuration & Distributor support
  •     Back-end integrations / programming
  •     Online or offline payment processing
  •     Online product catalogues
  •     Customer Tracking & Database Solutions
  •     Price & product management
  •     Email campaign application
  •     Customer Management with Login
  •     Package / Shipment Tracking
  •     Real-Time inventory & Sales reporting
  •     Order management systems
  •     Site Specific advanced Search Engines

Electronic commerce - buying and selling goods and services over the Internet:

eCommerce provides you with a venue to sell your product or service without losing part of your profit to distribution costs, retail stores or catalog printing. When online shopping was in its infancy; critics doubted that eCommerce would work for the majority of retail merchandise, today; it is expected that you not only offer your products in stores,  you need to offer them online as well. An eCommerce website demand a good hosting with highest up-time & other e-commerce features like secure SSL, public key encryption protocols etc.

eCommerce is changing the way people do business. From big corporations to small industries, businesses are going online, opening up their products and service offerings to new groups of people worldwide. There are many ways to get your products and services online, from simple shopping sites to high-end database driven, data-capture and online credit card verification solutions. We aim to cater to all of our client's needs and give our clients access to all that the web can offer their businesses.

But what kind of e-commerce do you need? eXsusa will work with you to create a successful eCommerce web site. Because the complete and cost-effective ecommerce solution varies from business to business, we price each eCommerce web package depending on the needs of your company and the Internet solution that is best for you.

Popular eCommerce Solutions provided by eXsusa:

Online Product catalogs:
With an online catalogue, you make it easy for your buyers to do business with you. eXsusa offers powerful, scalable, easy-to-use e-commerce development and solutions.

Dynamic Shopping Cart and Secure Order Form:
A database driven dynamic shopping cart and Secure Order Form which is is appropriate for businesses that have large or frequently updated inventories.

Online request for quote (RFQ) :
eXsusa offers a variety of online RFQ systems, from simple forms to powerful product configuration systems...
Real-Time Credit Card Processing and Fraud Prevention: eXsusa is committed to give you an automated, quick, hassle-free and secure eCommerce experience.

Customer Management with Login:
Allow returning customers to retrieve and reorder & speed the checkout process with customer relations management.

Advanced, Customizable Ecommerce Search:
Perform advanced searches by keyword, manufacturer, vendor, price range or sale items.

Package/Shipment Tracking:
eXsusa can set up online order tracking system, by which merchants can check their package/shipment online.

Real-Time Inventory and Database Solutions:
This is one of the most powerful tools available to online retailers today. We provide you with a database of your products that provides automatically updated inventory and works with other eCommerce web site solutions.

Enhanced Product Displays:
Let us know how you'll want your products displayed in an informative and attractive manner and we'll make it happen. 

Customer tracking and Database Solutions:
With customer tracking you will be able to keep an online database of your customers, their addresses, emails, preferences, and answers to any web site marketing questions they may have asked.

Order Confirmations:
We can automate your site to send email confirmations after every order. The emails may contain thank you information with order confirmation id.

Site Specific Search Engines:
Online shoppers often want to find a specific item, checkout and go. They don't always have the time or the desire to browse through your entire online catalogue. If you have many products to offer, your web site should be searchable.